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How to bring traffic to your website / blog? Of course, content quality matters in a content marketing strategy: a well written post optimized for SEO will have a good chance of being found by those looking for that content online. But it’s also important to use effective titles that encourage you to be clickable.

Consider that the title affects the CTR (click through rate): the ratio between those who see the title of your article and those who click on it. The more the title attracts clicks, the higher the CTR. CTR is important because it affects SEO!

Such as? If your title attracts more clicks in search results than someone before you, Google takes it into account. It means that that title attracts and if the content is valuable, you have a good chance that in a short time, you will be able to overcome the blog / site that is ahead of you in the search results.

So writing an effective title is very important.

Do you know how much a title can influence the choice of reading an article or not? 80%!

So I would say that it is a fundamental component when we write an article: therefore look for the right keywords, the most persuasive words and write an effective title.


According to Neil Patel, readers pay attention mainly to the first and last three words of your title.

It is important to position the keyword closest to the beginning of the sentence. It is important to be able to give the idea of the benefit that the reader will get by reading our article.

Remember: as far as SEO (search engine positioning) is concerned, the titles should not be longer than 55-57 characters (including spaces).

Why exactly 55? Because beyond the title it will be truncated when displayed in search engines like Google.

Once we have searched for keywords and identified those to be included in the title and then in the url, we can use some techniques.

Statistics tell us that numbers attract clicks.

So a title like ’10 things you need to know to write SEO ‘has more chance of attracting interest. Numbers like, as this chart shows:


But what are the POWER WORDS that attract clicks?

Here are some examples:

  • HOW TO
  • NEW
  • FREE
  • WHY


Before thinking about how to attract clicks, you should have created an SEO strategy, to understand which keywords to focus on, and then have created an editorial plan. The editorial plan helps you to define the themes for your blog, to have an overview and therefore a direction and to give you deadlines.

To search for ideas on the most frequently asked questions you can use tools such as Answer The public which collects the most frequently asked questions. You could also analyse the trends of the moment, there are themes that are seasonal, I think for example of those related to the seasons for those who have a travel blog. A useful tool is then Google Trends.

You can also search for inspiration on Pinterest, Quora and Reddit, to understand what your target’s hot topics are.


They are the ones who manage to attract the curiosity of the reader:

  1. Make it clear what the benefits your reader will get from reading
  2. Leverage emotions
  3. Try to inspire your potential readers with words that inspire action
  4. Enter a number in the title and use the power of lists
  5. How to do or get something
  6. It must be written for men not for robots
  7. Be creative and try to be persuasive.
  8. Take advantage of negativity
  9. Be specific

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