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Driving traffic to your website is crucial, especially if you don’t have a physical location, and your site isn’t just your storefront, but your store. If you got here, you probably have a site that nobody gets on and would like to know how to increase visits to your website.

However, getting traffic to your site isn’t your ultimate goal. Because if you are a business, what matters to you is not the curve of visits from Google Analytics, but the conversion rate.

The conversion rate today passes through your online presence: because the consumer has become attentive and even if you have a physical store, before buying, he look for information online. And if you don’t have a shop, your potential customer can get to know you via social media, but then to better understand who you are and what you do, he comes to look at your website, your online home.

And you should be so good, not to miss this opportunity: those who land to your site, should not go away without leaving their mark … without having become a lead.

What is a lead? An individual who has shown interest in what you are doing or what you are talking about and has shared information with you, such as your email address.

So let’s go back to the starting point: a user must get to your website.

But how can you increase visits to your website? In the post we see together what are the most popular and best performing techniques.


What you’ll find in this post:

    5. ADS



What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, therefore it literally means search engine optimization.

Being visible, however, does not just mean being indexed: if our site appears on the fourth or fifth page, nobody will see it. Over 80% of those who search online stop at the first page.

To appear on the first page it is necessary to have an SEO strategy: do a search on keywords that correspond to the same search terms for which your users are looking for your products or services.


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Select carefully the keywords: you will have to choose the keywords with good search traffic but not very competitive. This rule applies to all sectors, but especially if you are confronted with a competitive market or your site is young.

Check the visibility status of your site with Google Search Console, a free tool from Google.

If you are a local business instead, be sure to add your small business with Google my Business so that it appears on Google maps.

Pay attention to the titles of your posts: did you know that 80% of the choice to continue reading an article is determined by the title?

It takes time to start seeing results with SEO. However, once you optimize your site and your articles, you can get free traffic from the search engines.

Some parts of SEO are technical and if you don’t want to waste time and energy, you should outsource this aspect to someone competent.

Because the user who lands on your site through keywords is very interested in the topics you deal with and could be a potential customer.

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Not sure if your site or blog is optimized for SEO? Request my SEO audit service


Newsletter is an important way, at no cost, to engage your readers and potential customers and get them back on your site. Email marketing is often cited as the most profitable form of online marketing.

But how do I create a mailing list of users interested in my content?

Take advantage of other channels, such as social networks to promote your newsletter.

Once a user arrives on your site, you must make sure that he does not go away without having left his email address.

But how?

For example, by creating lead magnets, free content, which he can download by leaving your email in return.

But be careful: don’t start sending an email a day and spam your mailbox. Because in this way you will not only lower the index of opening of your emails, but you will also run the risk that your users unsubscribe.



Creating valuable content is an additional opportunity to be found online and bring traffic to your site.

Try to have a fast site, optimized for mobile and in which the sharing of your posts is easy: in this way you can increase the chances that your article will be shared in social media.

What if you have a corporate, corporate or e-commerce site?

Also and especially in these cases, creating a blog within your site can bring traffic: because if you create interesting content, and promote it (let’s see how later) you will bring traffic to your site.

The important thing is that you follow an editorial plan and that you do not publish articles that are not interesting for your niche.

You can also use your blog to host interviews, influencers or experts in your sector.

You can host in your blog an article written by someone else, an expert in a specific area that can interest your audience.

They will most likely share the article through their channels and this can increase the chance of being seen.



The yellow pages of the past are now online: search online if there are trade associations, or lists relating to your field in the area.

Links to your website from a web directory are no longer as influential as they used to be from an SEO perspective. According to Moz, web directories and local citations still affect, albeit to a lesser extent, the search engine results.

But lists can still be a valuable source of traffic: and don’t limit yourself to online directories.

Search for offline publications where your site or business may appear.

There are several online directories, most of which are paid: before investing money on the lists, however, I recommend checking how much traffic could come to you from that site and how you have to pay, whether a fixed fee or based on clicks received.



Promote your site and articles with Google AdWords, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Linkedin.

Google Adwords sponsored content is what you see at the top of the search results. You understand that they are paid content because next to the title it says ‘Ann.’

If your site is just born, to give some initial boost, it is certainly useful to sponsor it.

With Google Adwords you will have a cost per click and it is based on the keywords you enter and for which you want to appear among the first results. It is important not to target too competitive keywords, otherwise no one will come to click on your site.

Another way to sponsor their content is Facebook, which thanks to the information collected for free through our sharing of interests, has created a very detailed profile of each of us.

Sponsorships with Facebook can be very useful to increase the visibility of your site and bring traffic. The important thing is to set the right goal when creating a campaign in the Facebook Business Manager.

The advantage of Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Linkedin is that you can target your audience in a fairly specific way, which means that the return on investment is better than other forms of advertising. You also have the option of remarketing to people who have already visited your site and who have therefore already shown an interest.



You can drive significant traffic through your social media.

Today, growing your following on social media organically has become difficult and moreover the visibility of your posts, in particular for the posts on the Facebook page, is reduced. Consider that your posts reach only 10% of your followers and only with whom they show interest and interact with your page.

The key to growing your audience is having an optimized profile for each specific channel. Remember, every social media has its own logic and audience. You need to understand where your audience is most, and create useful and valuable content.

It is essential to have a constant presence in your social media: if you open a channel and then do not keep it constantly updated, it is better not to have it.


As just explained, if it is true that Facebook pages offer less and less visibility to content that leads off the platform (such as links to your site or blog), sharing within Facebook groups can instead be a great way to intercept a audience interested in our content.

But be careful: I don’t talk about sharing groups for bloggers or anything else. With my travel blog for example, I find it very useful to share my articles within Fb groups dedicated to travel for children.

Within these groups there is always an active and mutual exchange. However, yours should be timely intervention in response to a specific request from a user. Or, the insertion of the link should take place following the rules of the group. I recommend you always read the rules of the group before starting to fill the groups with your links, because you may be banned



Digital PR are an online marketing strategy that aims to increase online visibility. There are several PR agencies that collaborate with journalists, bloggers and influencers.

This activity aims to be mentioned, in sector newspapers and blogs or as influencers to make your business known.

There are also websites like HARO (Help A Reporter Out) and SourceBottle that connect journalists with bloggers and collaborators.




A special mention deserves Pinterest, which is not a social network but a search engine.

Pinterest was born in 2010 and has exploded in recent years: today it has over 320 million active users worldwide.

Pinterest allows you to associate an image, a Pin, to a link on your site.

You don’t need the 10K of Instagram to be able to link directly to your site: you just need a business account that is also free.

Pinterest pul become part of your marketing strategy: evaluate if the audience that uses it matches yours.

Pinterest is widely used by women (two thirds of the total) and in particular by mums.



If you are good at graphics, but even if you only like to create graphic content, you could take advantage of the infographics to bring traffic to your site.

Infographics work because:

  1. more and more searches for images online. Google Lens is not yet famous, but it will become.
  2. infographics are appreciated by Pinterest users and therefore if you have it you should take advantage of it
  3. make your site more attractive



Many people don’t realize that YouTube is a huge search engine that can be very effective in driving traffic to your website.

Consider that Youtube has actually outperformed other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo in terms of search volume.

If you decide to start a YouTube channel, you must also find a strategy here, make yourself an editorial plan and post regularly

Consider the types of videos you could create to publish here, as well as the promotional videos you could make to market your services on YouTube.

Google indexes videos in search results: you can also insert videos within your site to increase the rebound index which is an SEO factor.

There is a growing demand for online visual content and video marketing is one way of standing out from the competition that may not yet be doing so.


What are your favorite channels to drive traffic to your website?




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