From the moment you contact me it will take a few days to understand your needs. Waiting times are usually three weeks. From the beginning, depending on the complexity of your project, it may take from two to four weeks to go live. If you are in a hurry, we can try to find a way. Get in contact with me, I will do my best to help you

It depends! I will provide you, included in the price, a two-hour-session to learn how to post on the blog and for any basic site management plugins.
If you want to learn how to manage your site more independently, I can offer you an individual training service.

Once the training is completed you can start work on your website. Depending on the complexity of the website, whether it is a an ecommerce or a blog, you will need totally different maintenance, which includes backups, updating the WordPress platform, the theme and plugins is a sensitive issue. I suggest you to rely on a web developer. The first three months of ordinary technical maintenance are included in the development on the site. Later, you can buy my WP-Care package.

Yes, if you want to migrate to WordPress. If you do not intend to change the platform, you can have a free audit and decide later how to improve it.

If you want something very basic, I can do it. However, I am not a graphic designer and I prefer to give you a referral to a specialized professional.

WordPress as being scalable, is perfectly adaptable for any upgrade. You can start with a simple blog and add upgrades (even an ecommerce) in a second time.

Yes, sure. We will evaluate together your online presence, the communication strategy that led you to want a blog and we will design it in accordance with what already exists, in line with your brand identity and according to your theme.

I can set up it for you, together with other tool that we’ll need to analyze the behavior of your users. You can also buy a coaching session to help you start to use it.

You can buy the 12-month service for your WordPress website to ensure the safety and smooth operation of your site.
It is the right service for you if you are a blogger, a freelancer or a small company and you want a competent person to take care of your site and take care of the tedious technical issues that make you waste a lot of time.

It includes:

  • Regular WordPress platform updates
  • Regular backups of web space (FTP) and database (SQL)
  • Plugin updates.
  • Updating the WordPress theme, if necessary and if your site has a child-theme installed

You can choose between two services:

  • social media audit
  • social media strategy

Social media audit consists in a detailed report in pdf with a list of to dos to improve your social media channels. I will also be coaching and support you for two weeks and let you try and have direct feedbacks.

With the Social media Strategy you get a complete analysis about goals, target audience, competitors, to dos, actions to take to achieve results on social media and an editorial calendar.

Search Engine Optimisation is the marketing practice of improving your website’s performance within Google so that it performs better within the search results, meaning more interested customers find and visit your website.

SEO meaning involves making certain changes to your website design and content that make your site more attractive to a search engine.

With SEO it’s important to remember that Google is the one that calls all the shots, and what we need to do is ensure your website is ticking all the right boxes for Google.

It’s a long list of items that Google is looking for as well, from the back-end of your website which include technical elements and coded items, to the front-end and your content, to how customers and other websites engage with your business website.

By optimising these elements that Google’s measuring you on, we can improve where your website sits within the ranking results. The better your perform across all of the items that Google’s looking for, the more authority it allocates to your site, the more keywords it deems you worthy to show up on and the higher you move in rankings.

As there’s a lot of elements which Google looks for on a website, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to optimising websites. Instead we need to take into account your current website’s performance, the platform it’s on a technical position, your industry and competitor SEO efforts, as well as what your goals are and the best keywords for your website to rank on.

All of this plays into the tailored SEO strategy for each business we work with. However, in saying that, most campaigns will require 3 core components to be addressed during their optimisation.

1) Technical audit & tidy-up; this includes cleaning up the back-end for Google, ensuring site load speed is adequate, removing any redundant pages in the index and making sure Google can read your site easily.

2) Content and on-page optimisations; we will then look at improving your website content to ensure it’s keyword optimised, reads well and engages your audience and has the necessary metadata and H titles optimised.

3) Improving your domain authority; this will usually be an on-going effort based on a strong content and link strategy to support initial SEO efforts and continue showing Google that you’re an expert that deserves to rank well on our targeted keywords.

SEO campaigns are completely tailored to your business. Depending on your business’ goals, the cost involved in a campaign will vary from business to business.

As Google has refined it’s algorithm over the years, it requires a lot more targeted and consistent effort to see results within the search results. So don’t expect to pay less than 500£ per month. The combined and ongoing efforts across technical and content optimisations to see long-lasting and authentic results requires real investment

The minimum requested to see effective results is a 6-month-project, as it requires time to implement the changes and see movement from the optimisations made. As it requires a mixed effort to see results, it’s normal to see quicker movement across some keywords than others based on the competitiveness.

I advise clients to not expect to see ranking results before month 3 of the campaign, and to understand that it takes time from then onward to continue seeing upward movement across all keywords. Due to the nature of Google’s algorithm and the constant fluctuations that can happen, we require at least 6 months to optimise, review and then continue to optimise the site based on initial results. It’s a continual game of improvement!