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The third Monday of January, the most depressing day of the year, was born in 2005 from an idea attributed to psychologist Cliff Arnall, a professor in Cambridge. Since its creation, Blue Monday has allowed numerous companies to carry out Instant Marketing promotional campaigns during the month of January. The period, in fact, is not particularly suitable for making sales due to the large expenses incurred by consumers during the Christmas holidays and the distance from other occasions. But what is Blue Monday? And how can you use it as business owner? Here are 6 empowering strategies for Blue Monday Marketing.

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In reality, Blue Monday as the “saddest day of the year” doesn’t exist.

In 2005, Dr Cliff Arnall worked out how a variety of factors  – including debt and weather – come together in perfect sync on a certain Monday in January of every year.

As the days get darker, and the more you wake up before the sun even rises, you might start feeling a persistent low mood or lack of energy. You may be struggling to concentrate and it’s possible you may even find less pleasure doing your usual activities.

Despite there isn’t a scientific true for the Blue Monday, an accumulation of different external factors common in the month of January are likely to affect the mood.


The Blue Monday in 2022 is the 22h of January.

And it is one of the best examples of instant marketing!

Looking for ideas on how you can beat the “Blue Monday” blues together with your audience too? Here are six tips!


1. Thank your loyal customers

It’s important not to forget about the loyal customers and this is the right moment to tell them how you appreciate them.


  1. Include a thank you note with every order
  2. Just send a thank you email to put a smile on their face
  3. Send them an exclusive offer

2. A present

Give them some content for free. Blue Monday is an excellent opportunity to generate new leads offering a freebie to download.  Give them valuable content (an e-book, webinar or gadget along with a purchase) to win their attention and trust.

3 A special event to cheer up a day

Why don’t create a happiness experience for prospect customers?

Staples, the international office supplies brand, help a pop up experience in London for office workers to visit from 8am to 4pm. Visitors will be treated with  massages, snakes, cuddles, and a super-size doodle wall.

4 Offer free shipping for a day

Free shipping is one of strongest customer magnets of all.

When you offer free shipping, your product and price need to be exactly what the customer is looking for to make the purchase. If your product seems attractive to a customer and it’s at a fair price, you’ll be more likely to get a sale.

You can offer free shipping on minimum order value (this is the most popular option), but plenty of companies provide unconditional free shipping on all orders, just for the Blue Monday.

Or you can make it very special!

Last year some lucky Londoners who signed up online, had a home delivery service by alcoholic drink brand, Aperol Spritz.

5  Host a contest

Invite your audience to cheer up the day with something. Vodafone for example, asked for some recommendations for the ultimate #BlueMonday playlist.

The prize doesn’t have to be anything big and costly either

Competitions are a sure way to entertain your audience,

6 Inspire rather than just sell

Some of your customers might not be in the mood to purchase anything on Blue Monday. With their mood already low, pushing them to buy something anyway might only annoy them even further.

So what else can you do on “Blue Monday” to engage with your audience?

Plenty of things – share your favourite playlist, a funny picture of you and your staff or write about your latest achievement (and encourage your audience to share theirs).

What was supposed to be a one-time marketing stunt, turned out to outlive in popularity the company that invented “Blue Monday” as Sky Travel channel was closed in 2010.

With spark,