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The end of the year is the perfect time to set goals for the year ahead and to reflect on your business’s progress over the past year. You may have plans to eat more veggies, find time to read every day, exercise more, or finally take that trip you’ve been talking about forever. For business owners, making new year’s resolutions can significantly impact their success. These top new year’s resolutions for a small business are designed to help you do both: strike a better work-life balance and increase your business success in the new year.




Essentially, turn your focus to quality over quantity. Engagement is far more important then just filling out your Facebook page. Respond to comments on your posts, focus on posting interesting, timely information that encourages your audience to interact with you or share your content, leave comments and like content on other pages.

If you still don’t have one, you should hire a marketing expert or take the time to create a marketing plan on your own. And this point take us to the second tip.



There are plenty of overall benefits to delegation when you’re running a small business and delegation is the key to a healthy work-life balance. It also helps you achieve more and it allows you to produce higher quality work in critical areas.

It prevents also to driving your car till it runs out of gas. Trying to do too much can definitely lead to burnout.

Your valuable energy and time must be focused on working on your business rather than in it.

Delegation is the key to a healthy work-life balance.

Besides, delegating, it saves you time.

There are so many things to do, it’s easy to delude ourselves that we need to do all of them.



Planning is vital if you want a healthy, growing business.

You can go the old school paper route and find a planner to use. If you prefer to keep things digital, check out some of these goal tracker apps.

Think about what you’d like to see your business become.

Include goals both personal and professional you’d like to achieve.

Set aside time each month to review, adjust, and look forward.

Use a plan as a motivator to stay on track with goals throughout 2020.


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Goal setting is a valuable habit if the goals lead to success rather than distress.

It’s fine to have long term dreams – but in the short run, you should have regular mile stones as well.

To make sure your goals are clear and reachable, each one should be:

  • Specific (simple, sensible, significant).
  • Measurable (meaningful, motivating).
  • Achievable (agreed, attainable).
  • Relevant (reasonable, realistic and resourced, results-based).
  • Time bound (time-based, time limited, time/cost limited, timely, time-sensitive).



Most consumers are looking online for information that will help them make smarter purchasing decisions. In fact, according to the eCommerce Foundation, 88% of consumers will research product information before they make a purchase online or in the store.

Your company’s website is your digital storefront, your hub. If you want your company to be successful in the modern marketplace, you’ve got to have a professional website. Your website is the backbone of your business: if not mobile friendly, SEO optimised, can consume all of your digital marketing efforts.

Take an objective look at your existing website — are the calls to actions visible in every page? Are relevant SEO keywords integrated when possible, so search engines can find you?



In order to run a successful business, you need to constantly learn new things and keep updated. Especially with this fast changing online world, you may need to learn about new social platforms, marketing strategies or even your own customers.

Learning something new is also an important part of achieving a healthy work-life balance and increasing your business success.


One of the key practices to making any business a success, is create relations in the offline world. Networking allows entrepreneurs to connect with a wealth of customers and suppliers, building a bank of connections.

Whether you’re comfortable with networking or not, remember it could be a vital ingredient to your business success.

Look for networking events in your local area, and take advantage of the technology.

Social platforms such as LinkedIn and Instagram allow you to become familiar and friendly with other businesses in your area and beyond. Remember, you can’t completely replace a face-to-face relationship.


It’s so important to take the time to recharge, to take good care of your body, mind, and soul every day.

Self-care is something we very often overlook. Most of us are busy, have stressful jobs, or are too consumed with technology to make time for ourselves. Me-time is usually last on the agenda.

But, a healthy work-life balance is related to your small business’s success.

Write time regularly into your schedule to “meet with yourself” and stick to that commitment. If you won’t invest in yourself, who will?

I hope these tips might help and guide you throughout the year, so you’ll have more energy to put into your business and make it the success you deserve.


With love




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To start your own business, you need a solid plan.  But most of all, you should maintain a ‘can do’  attitude as you will step into the arena of this competitive world. You will get out from your comfort zone.

I don’t know what is the reason. Maybe you are on maternity leave, and you are looking for a better work life balance. Or maybe, you have a strong passion and know that being self-employed is right for you.

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Whatever your reasons for going solopreneurs, it is better to start small and then scale your business later. I know it is really hard to do everything yourself, but it saves you a lot of money when you are just starting out.


I think you will agree with me on this one. Your business will not make money immediately so you need to have some savings.

I had very little savings, but I did have (and still do) a supportive partner who knew that for some time me he would have to taken the burden of our household bills.

I’d recommend building your savings for at least 6 months: this should give you a cushion.

You need time to market yourself, potential clients to discover you, plus allow for any time difference between working and getting paid.


This is very important because it will guide you through the path. Where do you see your business in 1 tear? And in 5 years?

To write the perfect plan, you must know your company, your product, your competition and the market intimately.

You have to research, research. research.

Know your market.

This took me lots of time but it is time well spent.

I’m a digital marketing consultant that also offers website design and SEO. In my immediate area, I know there are many companies and freelances doing the same thing. Anyway, I don’t believe are we all chasing the same clients.


I started my own business because I realised that small businesses don’t know that they can sell more thanks to the online marketing.

They have a website but they don’t know how to analyse the traffic to sell more, or how to use social media to engage and giving a better customer care to their customers.

Only in the UK, in a recent, almost two million UK small businesses don’t have a website!



You need to invest in your digital presence if you want your business to stand out from the competition. If it doesn’t, there’s a good chance that potential customers will stroll right past your business and on to the one that showed up in their most “near me” mobile search.

 In fact, over half of “near me” searches result in a store visit. 

It isn’t enough to just be present online, you need to be active too. So please keep your social media account updated.

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“Near me” searches have increased greatly since the rise of mobile. In fact, one-third of all mobile searches are related to location.

In order to capitalize on these micromoments, you need to optimize your small business’s presence for local searches.  


Tell everyone, ask people to go for coffee.

Don’t just say what your business do, but how you can help.

On Instagram I always find smart women I am happy to get in contact.

Maybe you can’t work together, but she maybe knows someone that needs your help.

This is also a good way just meet up for lunch as often being an entrepreneur, means solitude.  I work infinitely better at home, without distractions, however I need to have human contact at least once a week.

Looking for more advice? Drop me an email and let me know what questions are on your mind.


With love